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Panama Canal widening should be finished in early 2016. After new panama canal be open for business, the Mini-Cape, which length 255m, breadth 43m, draft 14.5m, deadweight 120,000dwt, may take place Panamax 76000dwt and Kasarmax 82000dwt and Post-Panamax like 87000dwt bulk carriers, will become the new Panamax bulk carrier.

120,000 DWT Mini-Capesize Bulk Carrier (Tire II/III)

- Length (o.a.)       255.00m
- Length (b.p.)       250.00m
- Breadth              43.00m
- Depth                20.20m
- Designed Draft       13.00m
- Scantling Draft      14.60m
- Deadweight (@scantling draft) 120,000ton


- Endurance based on fuel oil consumption of 42,700 kj/kg lower calorific value, service speed of 14.0 knots and main engine run at CSR with 15% S.M. to be abt. 22,000 n.mile.

- Cargo holds (100%):              135,000 m³
- Heavy fuel oil tank: (inc. L.S.):  2,500 m³
- Marine Gas oil tank:                 400 m³
- Fresh Water tank:                    300 m³
- Ballast water tanks (excluding No.4 cargo hold) 36,500 m³

- Model: MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.5 with HP SCR Tier II / III
- MCR:             16,080 kW x 97.0 r/min
- CMCR:            13,762 kW x 83.0 r/min
- CSR (65% CMCR):   8,945 kW x 71.9 r/min

Or Equivalent Wartsila main engine

- Main engine fuel oil consumption per day at CSR (8,945 KW) and fulfilling the IMO NOx emission limitations Tier II and lower calorific value of 42,700 kJ/kg at ISO 3046-1 ambient reference condition: abt. 34.0 t/d (+6%)

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  Re: Mini-Cape Bulk Carrier
Dear Representative of China Shipbuilding,

I would like to discuss with your company further details on development of Mini Cap Size Bulk carrier for our newly established shipping entity in Saudi Arabia.

Best Regards
China Shipbuilding, 2014