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18,600 m³ LNG Bunker Vessel (Membrane, Mark-III), Developed by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard


Length (o.a.) 135.00 m
Breadth: 24.50 m
Depth to Main Deck: 16.00 m
Draught (Design, Mld):  6.50 m
Draught(Scantling, Mld):  6.80 m
Deadweight at  Td: 9,000 MT
Cruising Range: 1,200 NM
Service Speed: 12.0 knots 
Loading/Unloading Rate:  1,600 m³/h


Marine Diesel Oil: 900 m3
Fresh water and Distilled water: 150 m3
Ballast water: 8,000 m3
Cargo tank volume: 18,600 m3


7,500 m³ LNG Bunker Vessel (Diesel-Electric Propulsion), Developed by Jiangnan Shipyard


  • The Vessel to have a upper deck with canopy deck cover, bulbous bow, transom stern with open water type stern frame, a dual fuel diesel-electric configuration with three (3) dual fuel main generator engines, two (2) main azimuth propulsion thrusters and one (1) bow thruster.  
  • The Vessel to be built to have two (2) cylindrical independent IMO type C cargo tanks which to be designed for a maximum pressure of 3.5 bar g, a minimum temperature of -163ºC and a maximum cargo specific gravity of 0.5. 


Length (o.a.) 110.00 m
Breadth: 18.80 m
Depth to Main Deck: 10.80 m
Draught (Design, Mld):  5.60 m
Draught(Scantling, Mld):  5.80 m
Deadweight at  Td: 4,300 MT
Cruising Range: 7,500 nm
Service Speed: 13.0 kn


Marine Diesel Oil: 550 m3
Fresh water and Distilled water: 180 m3
Ballast water: 2,600 m3
Cargo tank volume: 7,500m3


Generator: Wartsila 8L20DF x 3 Sets
Propulsion: Two (2) Sets
Service Speed: 13.0 kn


40,000 m³ LPG Carrier (LPG Fuelled)
30,000 m³ LNG Carrier (LNG Fuelled)
Handysize Gas Carrier
Very Large LPG Carrier (VLGC)
Large LNG Carrier
 Seaway 7 takes semi-sub delivery from Beihai Shipyard (2022-07-30)
 MOL orders four LNG carriers for Qatar Energy at Hudong-Zhonghua (2022-04-13)
 H-Line in for 2 7000 ceu car carriers at Guangzhou Shipyard Intl. (2022-04-10)
 PIL awards contract at Jiangnan Shipyard to build 14,000 TEU LNG container vessels (2022-03-05)
 CIMC SOE won an order for 2+1 7,600cbm LNG Bunkering Vessels from Seaspan (2022-02-19)
 CULINES order 2 units 2700 TEU feeder from CSSC Huangpu Wenchong (2022-02-15)
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