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Shipyard Jiangnan Shipyard

  Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd.  start from 1865", is the birthplace of China"s national industry and the source of China"s industrial workers. Jiangnan Shipyard created hundreds of "the first in China". It has made contributions to the prosperity of Chinese nation.



"Made in Jiangnan" is a famous industrial brand and the symbol of China. Over thirty years of reform and opening-up, Jiangnan Shipyard has done business all over the world for entry of international market, the ship"s building of defence-related science and technology and supply of Navy"s up-to-date equipment. Great achievement have been made. Projects of Jiangnan Shipyard are spread all over China. Some of them are the symbol of cities and even national political project. It"s China No.1 factory which is famous throughout the World.

Dry Dock and Building Berths 


  No.3 Dry Dock No.4 Dry Dock Outdoor Building Berth No.1 Indoor Building Berth No.2 Indoor Building Berth
Dimension  (L x B x D/H ) 580 m x 120 m x (- 12.6) m 565 m x 82 m x (- 14.1) m 300 m x 40 m  240 m x 34 m x 30m 240 m x 34 m x 30m
Goliath Crane ( Lifting Capacity & Span) (800 t x 201 m) x 2  (800 t x 158 m) x 1 
(1600 t x 158m) x 1
(450 t x 143.5 m) x 1 (150 t x 37 m) x 2
(20 t x 37 m) x 2 
(150 t x 37m) x 2
(20 t x 37m) x 2 


40,000 m³ LPG Carrier (LPG Fuelled)
Neo-Panamax Container Ship (8,000 to 15,000 TEU)
Post Panamax Container Ship (15,000 teu above)
LNG Bunker Vessel
Handysize Gas Carrier
Very Large LPG Carrier (VLGC)
Large LNG Carrier
Pure Car Carroer & Ro-Ro
30,000 m³ LNG Carrier (LNG Fuelled)

Order Book (Please note: the order book is for reference only, the updated report please contact the yard!)
Vessel TypeOwner CompanyDeliveryContract Date
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 93000 cu.m.Petredec (Holdings) Eastern Pte. Ltd.2023 - 072020 - 11
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 98000 cu.m.天津西南海运有限公司 (Wideshine Enterprise)2022 - 122020 - 09
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 86000 cu.m.AW Shipping2022 - 112020 - 07
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 86000 cu.m.AW Shipping2023 - 012020 - 07
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 22024 cu.m.Petredec (Holdings) Eastern Pte. Ltd.2022 - 112019 - 12
LPG/Ethane Carrier, 22024 cu.m.Petredec (Holdings) Eastern Pte. Ltd.2023 - 012019 - 12
LNG Carrier, 79800 cu.m.九丰集团 (JOVO Group)2023 - 112018 - 08
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 新造船合同 - 中英文对照版
 PIL awards contract at Jiangnan Shipyard to build 14,000 TEU LNG container vessels (2022-03-05)
 Jiangnan Shipyard Built World’s First Dual-Fuel LNG Battery Hybrid Car Carrier (2021-12-07)
 Jiangnan delivers the first LPG fueled VLGC to Exmar (2021-06-28)
 Petredec orders up to six VLGCs at Jiangnan Shipyard (2020-11-03)
 Tianjin Southwest Maritime placed an order for VLEC pair at Jiangnan Shipyard (2020-09-10)
 AW Shipping orders three plus two VLGCs from Jiangnan Shipyard (2020-08-04)
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Its my article about new type of Aircraft carrier - SWATH Type.
I want to cooperate in these field with your Group.
Boris Kulagin
  Re: Jiangnan Shipyard
Good afternoon,
I am contacting jiangnan Ship yard to resolve some non conformities in the past ,
An new free fall liboat device is under discussion within marine industry and class Society ( LR ) and we wish that it will be aproved in the future because operation is lethal.
to make free fall lifeboat test safer with no loss of life.

Mohamed Sali
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Tel : +213791263688
Ship Senior Officer
Hyproc S.C
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Request to buy container feeders <3500teu.
1.cargo 3000teu
2.cargo. 2800teu
3.cargo. 1750teu
4.cargo. 1100teu
5.cargo. 900teu
6cargo. 800teu.
Company details.
Flora first pere LTD
Address off ebisam Rd akenfa yenagoa bayelsa state Nigeria
Egai John Zebulon.
Need agreement offer.
Thank you.john
  Re: Jiangnan Shipyard

The birth of the Panda 93P Class builds on a culture of continuous innovation and development in the design of gas carriers at the Jiangnan Institute of Technology, supported by engineering and design expertise from DNV, and academic and technical communities,” Keyi states. “This has seen the evolution of the 78k VLGC with four Type A prismatic tanks developed in the late 1990s through to the enlarged 83k VLGC design which secured firm orders in 2013.”
Hu keyi
Technical Director

Dear Mr. Keyi if your VLGC design in very attractive ways.

Best Regards
Steve Mavrakis
former Technical Manager at TMS CARDIFF GAS LTD Greece
Now at home as consultant !!
+30 6957837049
  Re: Jiangnan Shipyard
This is Brian Lee, Project Manager of Hyundai LNG Shipping in charge of business development in LNG & LPG projects all around the world. For our company to make official newbuilding inquiry on vessel newbuildings (LNG & LPG), could we get contact details of vessel sales in Jiangnan yard please? you can contact me either through or +82 10 3232 6107. Many thanks !
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